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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do the movies start?

Dusk - as soon as it is dark enough to see the picture on the screen.

Can I switch screens between movies?

Unfortunately no. You must stay in the screen you purchased tickets for.

Can I buy movie tickets online?

We exclusively sell our tickets in person at the box office.

What if it starts to rain?

Movies play rain or shine. We do not issue refunds or passes for rain.

Are there any COVID-19 restrictions in place?

We have a list of operating restrictions that have been put in place by the government of ontario.

You can view our current list of operating restrictions below.

operating restrictions

What about the guys in the trunk?

They don't have to pay as long as they stay in the trunk with the lid closed all night.

Can we bring our dog?

Yes. We just ask that you follow all the usual doggie courtesies.

What's with that lone car way off to the side in the far back corner with the steamy windows? Why do they park there?

Um... Ah... they're farsighted! Yeah, that's it, they're farsighted.. and making tea. Must be.

Can we pay with debit or credit?

We now accept cash, debit & credit cards!

What if my car battery dies?

Just ask at the snack bar and we will give you a boost.

My wife's nephew always wants to come to the drive in with us but I can't stand him.
Do I have to bring him?

Yes. Just keep sending him to the snack bar and we will put up with the little jerk for you.

Have any questions we haven't answered yet?

E-mail us at or contact us.

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