Q: What time do the movies start?
A: Dusk - as soon as it is dark enough to see the picture on the screen.

Q: Can I switch screens between movies?
A: Unfortunately no. You must stay in the screen you purchased tickets for.

Q: What if it starts to rain?
A: Movies play rain or shine. We do not issue refunds or passes for rain.

Q: What about the guys in the trunk?
A: They don't have to pay as long as they stay in the trunk with the lid closed all night.

Q: Can we bring our dog?
A: Yes. We just ask that you follow all the usual doggie courtesies.

Q: What's with that lone car way off to the side in the far back corner with the steamy windows? Why do they park there?
A: Um... Ah... they're farsighted! Yeah, that's it, they're farsighted.. and making tea. Must be.

Q: Can we pay with debit or credit?
A: Sorry, we are cash only. However, we do have an ATM located inside the concessions building.

Q: What if my car battery dies?
A: Just ask at the snack bar and we will give you a boost.

Q: My wife's nephew always wants to come to the drive in with us but I can't stand him. Do I have to bring him?
A: Yes. Just keep sending him to the snack bar and we will put up with the little jerk for you.

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